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Up to 20% Off Special Sprink Break Sale

Monoprice is running an awesome spring break sale where items can be up to 20% off. Click to activate the current sale.

  • March 7, 2014
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20% off all Ink Purchases

This sale is a bit insane, 20% off some already crazy cheap ink prices. Just click to activate the deal.

  • March 5, 2014
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10% off Alkaline Batteries

Need to stock up on alkaline batteries? This coupon will give you 10% of the entire battery selection.

  • March 3, 2014
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Save 10% off All Surge Protectors

Use this special offer to save 10% off on your purchase of surge protectors.

  • March 1, 2014

monopriceMonoprice is great place to shop for electronic accessories. If you've ever shopped the local electronics scene and been outraged at the inflated prices for accessories like cables and cases, you're not alone.

The fact of the matter is that most brick and mortar retailers that deal in electronics make most of their profit from add-ons and accessories. This is due to heavily marked-up profit margins. And you, the customer, are usually pitched into buying the accessories you need at these high prices because you're told that they can't be found for less.

Well, I'm here to tell you that they can. Almost any electronics accessory you can dream of, from an iPhone case to an HDMI cable, you can find at Monoprice for substantially less. I'm talking upwards of 70% off what you'd pay at Best Buy.

You'll learn about how I personally saved a ton of money on a recent purchase here and how you can too.

And if you're looking for the latest Monoprice coupon codes, look no further. The next section below contains a frequently updates list of valid coupons and promos.

Feel free to leave comments, as we always love honest feedback! We hope you enjoy the site!

Monoprice Coupon Codes and Deals

coupon codes for MonopriceWe keep this list of coupons updated frequently, so you can click with confidence! 2014 has been bringing us some great deals that add to Monoprice's already near wholesale prices.

Applying a coupon code is a step you must not overlook when shopping for any electronics online. Get MonoPrice Coupons for 2014!!

But check back soon, as we'll be updating this lens daily with new coupons and promos as they emerge.

Cables galore

hdmi cablesIf you've ever been to Best Buy or Circuit City to buy a TV, you probably went through the normal sales process that goes something like this:

1. You're flattened with amazement at the massive wall of TV's.

2. You realize how important it would be to have one of these babies in your home. Football would look so glorious. Friends would be jealous. Yes. It feels right.

3. Some young kid in a blue polo halfheartedly asks you if you have any questions. Your put off by his seemingly urban lingo, but your gaze on the TV's has already won your heart, so it doesn't really matter what he sounds like.

4. The young boy in blue walks you over to a more expensive TV than you were looking for, and you fall in love with it. And it's you're lucky day--they have 12 month financing available.

5. The young boy assures you that they have the lowest price on the TV, backed by several guarantees. You feel good.

6. The boy then informs you that if you want this $2,500 TV to actually do what it's supposed to do, you're gonna need this special cable, called HDMI. They're $80 a piece, and you'll need one for your Xbox, one for your Blu-ray, and one for your cable box.

7. You feel angry and helpless.

Fortunately you can get these very same, high-grade HDMI cables at Monoprice for far less. A shielded cable with a name brand a Best Buy will cost you $80, meaning $240 for the three you need.

At Monoprice, you can get these for less than $5 each. Your order, even with shipping, will likely be less than $20.

That's $220 you saved by buying your HDMI Cables at Monoprice instead of Best Buy. Pretty cool, eh?

And it's not just limited to HDMI Cables. Virtually any cable you can think of you can find here. RCA, iPod, instrument cables, speaker cables, banana plugs, and more. You'll find them here. Good news for any techie, right?

My Recent Experience with

Bulk Ordering Several HDMI Cables

About 2 months ago I became frustrated with the prices of HDMI cables in stores such as Best Buy or Wal Mart and began doing my homework. This is what led me to Monoprice and compelled me to make this page. I soon realized that not many of my "techy" friends had heard of the company which really surprised me. They eve offers discounts on Twitter from time to time.

The cables before shipping were under $10 each and as you can see from the picture they are VERY stout. Compatred to this piece of crap I picked up from Lowes it wasn't even funny. That and the skimpy cable from Lowes was $30! Thats three times as much!!

So overall I would give the experience nothing but 5 stars for price, shipping, ease of use and product quality.

Like discount merchandise?

There's so much stuff available at Monoprice that it would be silly to cover it all. There's just too much.

What I'd suggest is that you treat Monoprice like a discount warehouse. Their stock isn't always consistent. Sometimes they'll get an inventory of really sweet home theater systems for a ridiculous price. As I'm writing this review, I'm seeing that they currently have one for about $85. That's a steal.

Every now and then I log onto Monoprice and just spend a few minutes searching for anything I might like to buy if there were a deal available. I'll look through the site for home theater set ups, outdoors speakers, high-end mice (the computer kind), etc. I don't always pull the trigger, but it at least gets me thinking about things I might want. More often then not, I grab something, even if it's only a few bucks.

Check the site out every now and then for deals that might surprise you. Plus, you can always use a coupon to stack the deals even further, which is always cool.

Got ink?

ink cartridgesIf you're like me, you're not a fan of the business model employed by printer manufacturers. They sell the cheapest printers set up with a cartridge that runs out really quickly. And they're not cheap to replace, so you end up spending more money on ink within a year or two than the printer itself costs you.

Not to worry, however. Monoprice has this stuff available for cheap -- real cheap.

I looked up the cartridge for my printer on Monoprice. They had remanufactured units for $7.25. The next cheapest I was able to find was on Amazon for $21.73. That's a substantial savings, especially for low-end inkjets like mine that burn out quickly.


We could rant on and on about all the different deals, but you get the point. Monoprice is a great place to save on anything related to electronics. When you can know you have a go-to place anytime you need a cable, case, or niche accessory for you home, it really provides a feeling of security.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Monoprice. Please leave us a friendly comment below!